Thursday, December 23, 2010

No deceptions to expose other than Moreno's

Gerald Moreno of USA, runs a giant smear and misinformation campaign across many www outlets- with major target emphasis on Robert Priddy- but which includes scores of other dissidents. [I remain anonymous but only so he can't do the same to blacken my name]. Robert Priddy has published a large quantity of revelations about Sathya Sai Baba ,having left him after decades of being a leader in his movement.
For years from 2004 onwards Priddy reports that he remained virtually silent - apart from a couple of brief posts - as to the constant onslaught of cyber warfare by Gerald Joe Moreno (and his yet darker apprentice, Lisa de Witt). However, the number of lies against him increased so much that he eventually found the best response would be to rebut a number of the worst of them - and that has turned up to be a lot too. These pro-Sai fanatics try to destroy the character of anyone who disagrees with them, they smear constantly and diversely out of zeal for their guru. The mania Moreno and de Witt have in attacking hundreds of us who denounce Sai Baba is remarkable. Yet in his true style, Moreno turns things back on Priddy in calling him obsessive. After 18 years working for Sai Baba - Priddy has in latter years managed to expose a great deal about this would-be Godhead and his underhand doings. Priddy is no more 'obsessive' than many other intellectuals who do the same in the same spirit (Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchins, Sam Harris) to name some of the most active and prominent religious dissidents. No, Moreno is wholly obsessed with Priddy, Pittard and a string of others on whom he has lavished countless efforts through many years.

Moreno's attacks on Robert Priddy are totally rebutted Click here GERALD MORENO

Moreno cannot stop general public from a strong sense that that he is secretly in league with the Sathya Sai Organization (and is probably financed by some leaders in the US), because they never correct any of his false propaganda in any way, despite appeals to their decency. Moreno does everything he can to get his libel pages high on Google and elsewhere, with much success... there are plenty of Sai supporters without scruple who help him (although they hardly ever dare declare themselves, typical for them and most Sai Baba people). Another of Moreno's slander campaign techniques is to e-mail to anyone who writes anything at all critical of SB, Unfortunately many have replied to him, which only gives him oxygen and something to post about. He observes absolutely NO civil decency - will post anything you reply and twist it into a rant and post it across several websites and blogs. NOTE TO THOSE IT APPLIES TO - it is always very unwise to reply to any e-mail he writes (he mostly uses the name joe, or gerald moreno or vishvarupa108. He has a helper in Sweden (Irene Strindhed) who stole Conny Larsson's e-mail addresses and sent them to him, whereby he has e-mailed ell of those contacts of Conny with vile claims and links to his libel pages all over the web.

Moreno shows ingenuity in the kind of dirt-branding of people in ways used by the cornier tabloid papers, always omitting all details which go against his aim of discrediting Sathya Sai Baba dissidents and critics. He struggles to hide or minimize anything which reveals the secret nature of Sathya Sai Baba. Thus, Moreno places immense significance on anything that might remotely help his case, and simply ignores all the rest - proofs, facts and documents which he hopes people's attention will not be drawn towards. This Mr. GJM caters mainly for readers who are prejudiced who have often failed to develop mature judgement on the basis of major emergent facts. Such as those suffering from a believe-what-you-will hang-up.

Under 'internal instructions' from the so-called Sai-VIPs in the movement, the great majority of the supposed 10 million or so more-or-less followers will not come out in support of Moreno - for the leadership knows how that would condemn the movement utterly and forever and seal its fate. At the same time, not one of these believers in truthfulness, love, non-violence, peace and righteousness has lifted a finger to defend dissidents, or to utter a tweet of criticism of Gerald Moreno. This says it all... those who devoted themselves completely to good works and were known as upstanding servers and honest people - and some were deeply revered (David Bailey, Dr. Bhatia) - are not only shunned like lepers, but are left without any support from their former "loving Sai family" contacts. This is a demo of the lack of courage of conviction and conscience of Sai devotees around the world, too cowardly to stand up for the persecuted and harbour no love in any form of action for anyone who criticises the guru, however sound and well-explained their reasons.

Moreno was himself 'oiled' on 'the lower stomach' (usually a way of avoiding saying on the genitalia) as he has himself described. He admits he could not understand why, and - confused as he was - he later accepted as fat that Sathay Sai baba was a sexual abuser: see here below from his FAQ page on (since removed). Click on image to enlarge.

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